Prenuptial agreements

If you’ll be bringing the majority of financial assets into your marriage, or you expect to be earning more than your wife over the course of your career, you’re at risk of severe financial loss in the event of divorce. That risk will increase as the duration of your marriage increases. And while your wife might be prepared to work at her career full-time in the early years of your marriage, it’s possible she may decide to work part-time, or not at all, after a number of years.

If you’re in this position, and you reject our advice and plan to marry anyway, you should as a minimum agree with your partner an expertly constructed prenuptial agreement (‘prenup’).

[Disclaimer: Nobody associated with this campaign, including Mike Buchanan, has specialist legal expertise in this area. Accordingly they cannot be held responsible for any decisions you may or not make, and you should seek expert independent legal advice.]

While prenups are not currently legally binding in England and Wales, the current consensus among experts in this area appears to be that if they’re fairly drawn up by a competent legal expert, the divorce courts will probably recognise them. At the very least, you’ll be improving your prospects of a fairer divorce settlement, given your financial contribution to the marital assets. Advice on prenups as well as postnups (postnuptial agreements) is available from a number of law firms, some of which will provide initial advice free of charge. There’s some useful background information at

What if your partner won’t agree to a prenup?

Don’t get married.

It really IS that simple.

Don’t listen to any nonsense about a prenup being ‘unreasonable’ or ‘unromantic’. Explain that all couples marry with the expectation their marriage will last until one of the partners dies, but 50% of them turn out to be wrong. Get real.


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