Judges say they will ignore pre-nups unless couple are rich: Warning that majority of agreements are a waste of time and courts will instead base decisions on ‘fairness’

Our thanks to Jeff for this. The ‘fairness’ on which decisions will be based will invariably favour wives over husbands, whether or not the couples have children, and whether or not wives have made a material contribution to the couples’ assets.

Men who might be tempted to marry should at least visit our associated website, Men Shouldn’t Marry.

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5 Responses to Judges say they will ignore pre-nups unless couple are rich: Warning that majority of agreements are a waste of time and courts will instead base decisions on ‘fairness’

  1. Olga says:

    I live in the US. I can say that being married did not help me financially (I am female). I supported my ex-husband through my PhD program (10 years). After he found a job that actually paid some money, he left. As for alimony, he paid $200 a month until his death, which was only 7 years after our separation. He left me far worse off than if I hadn’t married. The only women that do well after divorce are the Ivana Trumps of the world. In average marriages, women are usually impoverished after a divorce. Women usually end up with the children. The job the woman has pays less. Child support is based on the father’s income. So if a man has low income or a lot of debt, maybe the woman gets $50 a month. Not really a lot of money.

    According to Zaritsky married people are more likely to build wealth. https://fee.org/articles/the-economics-of-marriage-and-divorce/ While some men are upset that women are entering the workforce is greater numbers, more women earning more money helps men. In the US, women that are poor are unlikely to marry. Woman with college and graduate degrees and something to bring to the table are the ones that marry.

    As far as pre-nups, in the US they are honored unless one of the parties can prove they signed under duress. Like one partner asked the other to sign as the wedding guests were arriving and never discussed it before that point. Otherwise, pre-nups are a way to protect yourself and as more women start business and have more assets of their own, they are helpful to both parties They are very popular in second marriages, as each party wants to benefit their own children..

    Many women are not that interested in marriage. As many woman work outside the home, they find they still are expected to do most of the caring for children, aging parents and do the housework. So marriage feels like an exhausting part-time job. This is probably why so many women feel “liberated” or “relieved” after marriage. They can stop cleaning up after a 35 year old man.

    If we want marriage to be a good deal for everyone, we need to negotiate a deal that is appealing to everyone.

    • Thanks. I see no sympathy here for men who are financially ruined by divorce settlements, living in bedsits while their exes live in the former family home, at the same time as the men are denied access to their kids. And in most marriages men will work longer hours than their wives, and bring in more income to support the family, so surely it’s perfectly reasonable that their wives do most of e.g. the housework? ‘A deal that is appealing to everyone’ means ‘appealing to women’, aka ‘unappealing to men’, as always. Men must always do more, women must always do less. Got it.

    • In the US the male:female divorce differential climbs to over 10:1. What does that tell you about the reactive depression faced by men following divorce?

    • Why is it that whenever we point out facts relating to men and women as classes, a woman will always come along and say, ‘I’m an exception to the rule’, as if that’s of any consequence?

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